Longmont Housing Opportunities Team

--> Read the plan to eliminate homelessness in Longmont, Colorado. <--

Child's Art -- We All Want a HomeThe increasing rate of homeless in Longmont is of critical concern of our community.

Longmont Housing Opportunities Team (LHOT) is a collaborative partnership working to reduce homelessness. We bring together community partners and mobilize resources.

By implementing a Housing First plan, supportive services and housing activities, LHOT can maximize the impact of community agencies and mobilize assistance for those who need help




Calendar of Events

Read "Why Don't They Just Get a Job?" at the Lonmgmont Library and attend Nov. 16 event w/Dave Philips from Cincinatti Works.

The Challenge

Our community's increasing homeless population has many faces.  To find out more, click HERE.

How to Help!

LHOT provides many opportunities to end homelessness in our community.  To find out more, click HERE.